How to get ready in the morning

How to get ready in the morning

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Getting up in the morning can be quite a struggle for all of us. However, kids morning routines can be even more challenging, with more stress and more things to prepare and that can’t be forgotten. This can be a very chaotic and stressful time for kids and parents alike, however, a lot of the stress can be overcome with a few small changes! Check out some of our best tips for making mornings more bearable here!

5 tips for your morning routine

Tips for morning routine

Don’t procrastinate; don’t push what you can do today to tomorrow

An effective morning routine starts with a proper evening routine. There are plenty of things you can do and prepare in the evening to make your morning go more smoothly. You can prepare the school bags and clothes for the next day in the evening. This can help relieve a lot of stress and pressure associated with having to prepare everything in the morning. This gives the child, and yourself, more time to relax and get a better sleep knowing you have less to do in the morning. One great way of streamlining the evening in order to prepare for the morning routine is by creating your own evening routine for the night before.

Playing detective for a few days

One of the best ways to find out where you lose the most time in the morning is to keep note of and track your behaviour over a couple of days. You can keep a journal, writing down every single step each family member makes each morning, preferably even timing how long each step takes. For example, you may find out that one child usually needs more time to get dressed and have breakfast than the other, so you could try getting up a few minutes earlier to take this into account. You can also plan out a schedule for the different morning tasks, for example, setting specific bath times and breakfast times, so that the kids get in the habit of doing everything at a certain time.

Division of tasks

Depending on the age of the kids, you can include them in some of the morning routine tasks. For example, if you have older children at home, they can help with things such as setting the table for breakfast, helping younger siblings get dressed, or even preparing their own sandwich for lunch. However, make sure the tasks are clearly defined, fair, and evenly divided, so that no one feels like they are being taken advantage of.

Be creative together

Learning through play can even be implemented during the morning routine! It can be really helpful to make a small game out of different morning activities and tasks. Here is an example for some inspiration: With the help of the children, make or print small pictures or symbols for different morning tasks, such as getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc. Then, stick magnets to the back of these pictures and place them on a magnetic surface (refrigerator, whiteboard, etc.). Finally, each child or family member gets two columns: one with "to do" and one with "done". The pictures are then put together in the "to do" column every evening and during the course of the morning, the tasks can be completed and moved to “done”!

Take some “me-time” in the morning

Yes, you heard it right. Hopefully these tips save you enough time that you have time for a little me-time in the morning! This could only be a couple minutes, but for many children (and adults) it is essential to have a few minutes of free time in the morning to have a good start to the day. Maybe you have an important meeting at the office so you need to check your clothes or makeup twice. Or maybe the kids want to finish off a game of uno that they were playing before going to bed last night. These few minutes make for a good mood and a great start to the day. If you or your children find it difficult to keep to the allotted times, you can also use an egg timer or kitchen timer set to the agreed time.

Let’s get started on a more efficient morning routine! Why not start tomorrow morning by taking note of the different morning tasks and time it takes to do them? Then, you can later plan the morning and gradually introduce changes and a more structured routine. If you find it difficult to implement all of these tips at the same time, you can also build them one-by-one into your routine and slowly incorporate them in a way that works best for you. We wish you tons of success and hope that we can make your future mornings easier with our tips!