Babysits is carbon neutral!

Babysits is carbon neutral!

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By Babysits
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Here at Babysits, we are committed to our mission of empowering communities around childcare so that children can grow up happy and healthy. Action against global climate change is something we’ve identified as integral to this, and something we are passionate about and dedicated to.

Babysits Takes Climate Action

So, we’ve taken Climate Action! What does this mean? We’ve become Carbon Neutral!

Specifically, Babysits joined Leaders For Climate Action (LFCA) an organization bringing together businesses committed to taking a stand against climate change and helping them identify how they can reduce their impact.


With the help of LFCA, we’ve been able to:

  • Measure our carbon emissions.
    We’ve calculated the impact of all aspects of our business, from energy use at our office to waste produced/recycled, commuting distance of employees, and more.

  • Offset our carbon footprint and become Carbon Neutral.
    Taking the overall carbon output of Babysits, we’ve invested in a VCS Gold Standard project to directly offset the emissions produced by our company.

  • Identify and change policy/practices to reduce future emissions.
    We are dedicated to and have changed policy and practices in order to reduce our carbon footprint in years to come.

Continuing Contribution

Aside from the steps we’ve taken above, we are also active in the following ways:

  • We educate

We create content to educate our community of parents, childcare providers, and children about climate change and what they can do. Ways we educate include: Explaining climate change to kids, recycling DIYs, plant activities and more.

Check out some examples here!

Ways to recycle with kids

Plant experiment with kids

Recycled DIY Cardboard animals

  • We spread awareness

We are active, using our platform to share information and resources to help bring awareness to our community. We also actively participate in Fridays for Future and climate marches.

Fridays for future Babysits

  • We collaborate

We do our best to collaborate with other organizations, to get more parties involved in climate action and share knowledge, resources, and awareness on an even larger scale.

To learn more about our contribution and our pledge to climate action with LFCA, check out our climate site here.

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